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Reviews for "Webcam-Dressup"

Sunshine is right

I found the music to be somewhat fitting for this game, but sunshinedafox DID make a point in his review.

I understand that this is one of those games where you have to "drag and drop accessories" onto a digitally animated person. And frankly, I understand that most of these games are actually quite popular on Newgrounds or any game-hosting website.

But really; THIS "drag-and-drop accessories" game was rather... dull. Why? Well, for starters, his mentioning of the so-called "annoying awesome face meme", apparently promoting "4chanism", IS kind of getting overrated nowadays. Also, you said in the summary that there are eight MEDALS in this game. But do I SEE any medals to grab in this game? I didn't think so.

Now that I think about it, I see the main reason why medals didn't appear in this game was that sunshinedafox claimed that you had to "work a little harder" so that your medals "might actually get approved". I understand that you put SOME effort into this game, which is really great for an elven-year-old like you; but a LOT of effort? Not so much.

Before I forget, let's review the following disclaimer:

"If you don't have a webcam, then don't be stupid and review this and rate 0! If you haven't experienced the game, then why review it?"

Yeah, that can be downright insulting to others.

Don't get me wrong; I understand that you put some effort into it; but really, me, sunshinedafox, and most of us Newgrounders expected better.

Yusuf responds:

there are medals, and they haven't been disapproved, so there's always a chance...

also i went to your profile to see if you had any of the medals, and you didn't, so you didn't even play the game! the medals are for drag and dropping the accessories, and as far as your profile says you don't have any of the medals!

Nice little game

Yeah, I can tell you are a bit younger than most of the users and flash creators here. This was still fun to play if only because of what you could do with the medals. You could just put everything in the picture and keep on clicking them over and over to see them pop up. I think this might be the first game I have played here where the medals showed up on top of each other! I never realized how popular that Pokemopolis Awesome Smiley thing was here. The music is also really funny.

Yusuf responds:


EDIT: The game is now coded so that the medal popup only shows on the first time you unlock the medal. I have tested this on my alt (since I have already unlocked the medals) and it works perfectly. Sorry Ericho, I know you liked how the medal popups overlapped each other when pressed repeatedly!

Awesome work!

I remeber you from your early works (that future music video)

This game probably won't get approved for medals, but who cares!?

I got all the easy medals + the easter egg and the flash ad blocker, is that all of them? I respect your work, nice job. 10/10

Yusuf responds:

thanks, yep thats all of them ;D

Could be better, had some issues

When i attempted to use the webcam, i'm not quite sure if it is my fault or the flashes, but my webcam kept flickering and changing so that was a big issue that needs to be fixed. Also, if you include some more editting tools and the option to take a picture then edit, it would improve this flash greatley. I just read your description saying that you made it out of boredom so i can quite easily assume that you won't be taking this very seriously so i won't say too much. 7/10

Yusuf responds:

thanks, but yeah the flickering is your webcams fault, it happens when there isn't enough light or whatever, so if you play this again, then maybe change your camera's setting or turn on a light. thanks :)

hAHah perfect

I liked that, and medals 0 points, next time make with real points, but a perfect game bro. Nice work!

Yusuf responds:

if they get approved they will be worth points, but thanks anyway!