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Reviews for "SPUD - Part 1"


Awesome story, animations, voice acting, and message.

This was great. Although, when he got knocked out of the sky with the tranquilizer dart, that part wasn't as noticeable as it could be. I figured it out though.

Not many flashes get a 10 from me, so that's saying something. Great one, and can't wait til the next one.

Now I'm off to watch your others. :)

nahtanojmal responds:

Thank you

Very good!

Good grapichs,could have been a little better(for example draw their fingers not only a square as a hand )
Good audio,good story,but the big mass of this flash,makes it sometimes laggy.Maybe make it in smaller parts. Anyway,you deserve a 9/10 for now,but I'll give you all my 5 if you work just a little more on the graphs.

nahtanojmal responds:

Ahh you caught me out with the finger thing. Your not the first ;D.
Thanks, next time I'll be planning more when it comes to file size.