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Reviews for "SPUD - Part 1"

Your animations require thinking

I hope this one is enough to prime a few brains. I really liked it, actually. The plot isn't a typical, clean cut "hero vs villain" story. In order to understand, a brain is required. My advice to all viewers is, "If at first it's not obvious: think, think, again." The best kind of story is always one that requires thinking. I would recommend some changes, but I found this idea to be brilliant and highly original (at least from a theatrical standpoint). A job well done.

nahtanojmal responds:

Hey, Thanks again for your review :D

The animation is good but.........

The animation is good but the rest of the qualities of a good animation are not there. I was almost about to turn it off but then it ended and I was happy. You have potential but with out substance there is nothing. Now its on to part two.

nahtanojmal responds:


Love the concept

I get it.
Great animation, the voice acting could improve but it was not bad, it was very entertaining, and makes me want to know more. I can see the plot forming.
finish the series please!

nahtanojmal responds:

Thanks. I will. God willing


I knew it, I saw the second one first and guessed it was a Christian toon. It's Christian propaganda.

nahtanojmal responds:

Yep and not Humanistic propaganda

I see what you mean

I find it somewhat funny since what Spud say to the people is what my girlfriend and I were talking about just yesterday. But yeah I agree with you 100%

P.S. My gf finds you hot.

nahtanojmal responds:

Hey thanks. Ha ha (blush)...