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Reviews for "Bionoids"

to many glitches

to many things that need to be improved

shop: buying things, losing money - but not receiving the part

enemy: problems with way finding, trying to climb a point but not being able while i have to wait 30sec -.-, they are aiming as if they have a sniper helmet with every chr while they are using heavy armor helmet

items: lasgergun little overpowered, the games are 5 vs 5 everbody is just shooting laser from one end to the other

control: movement keys sticking -.-

but overall nice game!
more stars if you fix the glitches

Badly Implemented Clone of Worms.

Nothing new, nothing original, and the play is twitchy at best.

Last level glitched as hell

The game was almost fun until the last level. I tried it over 10 times and EVERY time, it would spazz and glitch out. Seriously work on that. I would've given a much higher rating otherwise. But... glitchzilla so only a 1

Utter *blam*

I didn't even start playing one level. I decided this thing was a piece of *blam* after the confusing as hell shopping system. The game shouldn't have such a high learning curve that you can't even make it through the shop without feeling like you're looking at an alien language (pun intended).


its very rare i even bother writing a review, but this is a must.

this games SUCKS BALLS beyond every thing, the thing you can shoot yourself, even when shooting in a straight line with no obstacles in the way, and the thing that your enemey got such high.. no they ALWAYS hit you no matter what, they just point straight up, BAM! next thing you know, your dead, and ofc they make massive dmg with that puny littel missile, and wtf? how is it possible for your enemy to like "kick you out of the screen?" that shit really pisses me off. this game is F.u.b.a.r