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Reviews for "The game of epicness"

the engine

the engine fits well and is easy enough to play and a litle bit demanding at some points, its funny and the graphics looks properly animated, if the character had a real shape and a little story it could have been almost a ten

robbe responds:

You're right, it kind of lacks a storyline, but do not fear, because sometime, somewhere I will make more!


It's great in everything, But there is just only two levels. Tell me if there are really more that I thought there were but good.

robbe responds:

Yes, there are only two levels, but this is also my first platformer 'game', which means possible future ones will be bigger, better and somethinger!


Good game, nice quality, I liked it, but need more levels!

Actually... This is Really Fun

I didn't expect it, but this game is really fun. Nice and complex. I just recommend changing the lives/jumps/time screen to make it less bulky; it blocked my view at the double see-saw area in Level 2, at the far left side.

robbe responds:

I know, the design isn't all that, but it's more of a test then a 'real game'...
Thanks anyway.

Wouldn't call this "epic"

Well, I can't really see the epicness in this game, but it sure is a nice little platformer.

The title doens't fit for the game, and it's very short, but it is still enjoyable. I kinda like it, so I vote 3/5, 6/10. Way to go.

robbe responds:

I just needed a title :p