Reviews for "Turd Eating Cat"


huge framerate drop during plane battle
but i loved this

Worth waiting for

Although you tested my patience suspending the release as long as you did, I must say it's better that I hoped it would be. Great job!

aap responds:

Thanks Geert, you are the best.

Most random cat thing ever

I kept thinking this was going to be a game, with pressing "space" at the beginning and everything. It turns out it was not, but some very, very weird cartoon. It was a really great cartoon because it was just so insane and you had no idea what was going to happen next. First, it featured a monkey who fell out of an airplane and it's called "Turd Eating Cat"? This reminded me of some of the games by I-Mockery. Of course, he never managed to use those graphics to make something that was purely a cartoon like you did.

i feel nostalgic

reminds me of the time where games were on floppy disks,operating on DOS


I loved the animation and especially the music! I really liked the references to those good old DOS games I used to play when I was little =D

<-- Also Dutch ;)