Reviews for "Turd Eating Cat"


so did the cat win or lose?


that is some weird cat


really disturving ut really well done

What Sort of Narcotics Were Involved In This?

This flash is an interesting blend of pixel art, 1990's computer graphics, and 1960's comix art. I loved the non-sensical feel of it all. Indeed, it was a celebration of existing purel for the sake of existing. OK, maybe that's going too far into it, and you really just wanted to make an off-the-wall flash about a turd eating cat. No matter the reason, this is a wonderfully creative, humorous, abstract flash that was pure eye candy. And the music was pretty good too. Ironic that to make a flash that is better than most of the crap that gets posted, you had to make a flash about crap. And evil undersea shoes.

aap responds:

Haha, wow. I love this review.

this. was. great.

fucking awesome. felt really old school too :) more please!