Reviews for "CLAB - Teqneek vs Prometheus"

Hell the fuck yes! Yo this was dope as fuuuuuuck! The beat was phat as fuck too (Yo I'm bringing words from the 90's that's how rad this was!). Both MC's rocked it. Teqneek was winning my vote but Brometheus nailed that acapella verse. I didn't know there was battle rapping in Newgrounds, though! This blew my mind!

No vote from me, but props to both of these artists.

PromtheoustheTrtan murdad thiz twitterlogo ripoff artist clown ass punk bitch.

*Slow clap...

"preciate you reiterating your infatuation with Justin Beiber and the fact you believe his penis is fascinatin"

"You're more like Hip Hop homeboy than Idea, I'm American Made Maverick and you're fuckin IKEA"

come ON son this battle had me dyin! Ya'll cut each other's ass so bad my speakers are bleedin like WHOA.

Don't make me choose, please don't make me choose


btw, the beat's filthy...

Don't clean it

5 stars just off the beat. This beat is seriously off the *insert whatever expletive* chain. Teq, you oughta think about doin an actual album song over this beat. OMG I really can't get over it.

I shouldn't vote cuz I'm a Teq nutsucker and everybody knows it so it wouldn't be fair. But Teq won just off of vocal tone and Prometheus dissed Black Moses which just discounts anything else he said.