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Reviews for "Truck Toss"

Ok I beat it

I liked it it was a good little mini game very solid if a little difficult to control that last truck

Great game, but one problem

A really good game, however I have one problem:
I got 36 out of the 37 achievements relatively simply, but there was one that seemed impossible for me to get - Evil Knievel. For some reason I only saw two cars the entire time I played (bear in mind I went 23km on my longest run). Seems the chances of finding a car in the level are far too low.
Other than that though, a solid 9/10!

fking A

it bin a wild since iv play a simple one level that is so addictive but i like to see more ground variation like hill and valley on a random generator and some more mod maybe a truck graphic with the top speed handling ans crap some thing like would hit like a boom and be front page hah

Too casual for its own good?

The game is tightly executed and seems to have a coherent understanding of what it's trying to be, which is a lot in its favor. I'm just not sure if what it's trying to be is really very interesting.

I can grasp the appeal of a casual monster truck physics game, given how cutthroat a lot of them are. It was even kind of fun, for a while, but this is casual to the point it feels like it's on autopilot. The obstacles are easily cleared with almost no operator input, except those items like slow mode and clamps that are impossible to avoid anyway, but are small enough setbacks that it would barely matter if they were. Stunts pay out even if you fail to land them, and there doesn't seem to be any advantage to more ambitious ones - all flips pay out one dollar per degree, whether it's an ambitious thousand degree one or only two hundred. All wheelies pay out two dollars per meter, if you touch down you can just instantly start a new one... which is generally a good idea, the truck takes most obstacles better with the front wheel up and the way it shifts forward on screen at high speed makes it almost impossible to see obstacles coming (which, like above, would matter more if the obstacles actually mattered). While it can create some friction, it's also possible to wheelie almost indefinitely by balancing on the rear wheel and bumper. Tagging ground with the rear bumper really ought to count as ending (or failing) the stunt.

The basic premise, a casual, forgiving game just about pulling stunts and earning points for fun without other goals or pressures, isn't a bad premise. But This goes overboard holding the player's hand. It's no fun if there's no challenge at -all-.

Highly fun

I didnt expect too much going in from a one level game, but wow did I get a nice surprise. It has the fun kind of feel that Excitebike had back in the day, but better. The graphics are great, the physics are spot on and its the first game I've seen of the type in a while that didn't suffer from collision issues. The music was repetitive but never really got annoying. Fun and addictive.