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Reviews for "Truck Toss"


this is 1 of the best games on newgrowns but there was a glich when my front tire came off

5 out of 5

I have some suggestions.
You should make a new game and have some different features such as:free play(no limit to gas but also no highscores) level editor, and custom cars(you can buy a car that has a certain number of upgrade slots for example 1 upgrade slot costs 5,000 2 costs 10,000 etc. then with those upgrade slots you may put in more fuel, faster car, better handling etc.)
Overall a great game and very few bugs except for the last car always wanting to do a wheelie.

Honest Review Of Awesome Game!

One of the best games on Newgrounds... and I've played a lot anyone who dislikes the game can be roadkill!

Cars: 5/5
Achievements: 5/5
Background: 5/5
Items: 5/5

It's all AWESOME!!!

Bear = Dead!

This is a great game. The concept is better than most "tossing" games. It gives you a better feeling of control. I also enjoyed the powerups. The kept things exiting and interesting as you progressed. However, i can't ignore the different cars. I like the whole idea that you level up in a way by purchasing new cars, but i feel that it was a choice that shouldve been left out. I personaly think that a a stat system wouldve worked better. As in a you level up different traits (like speed, acceleration, etc.) seperatly than a whole. Also, as much as i enjoyed driving, as polished an smooth as it was, i didnt feel like playing a good five minute section at a time. It (IMO) couldve been cut down. And some small touches could make the game a lot better to. Better graphics, animation, and some mechanics improved or removed could make this game a solid ten. I can't wait for the sequel.

lost my wheels

when i got the creamy truck
once i got clamped i rlled the truck then my front wheel disappeared shortly followed by my rear then i got about two millions points worth of oops
this was sadly the funnest part of the game