Reviews for "Prizma Puzzle 3"

Get's You!

This is the kind of game that get's you until you finish it.

Had problems

Level three, I tried to get more moves and each time I went to +10 energy after +15, it said out of moves. Otherwise good game but that bugged me a lot. Sorry, might be my OCD

Happy brain tingling

Had a lot of fun, just gets a little hard to collect all the stars after level 22 - which kept me up.

Music is not disturbing yet I'd like to hear a little different sounds, may be you can try to put a little different music tracks - as MIDI tones etc.

Game gets sometimes too bright visually, but thats ok Prisms, Lasers etc.

Good game. A variety of difficulties

I have been having trouble with nearly everything after level 18. A good challenge.

Challengin, yet easy.

Stayed perfectly interesting for a long time, I loved it.