Reviews for "Prizma Puzzle 3"

fun but...

arter a bit it gets boring

Very impressive work

Fun to play! I agree, the only one I had problems on was #19 for some reason.
Maybe swap the levels up so that's the last one! Heh.

Also, the music just never gets boring or tired... it's amazing, and a huge part of the appeal.

A Grand Challenge!!

As of this review, I managed to get all the way to Level 19 without consulting the walkthrough. The best strategy I have for the level only puts me one move away from finishing the level (with ALL the stars). Kept thinking to myself of all the attempts I made, if only the Finish was just ONE move closer on that level, I'd have completed it quite some time ago.

Other than that, excellent work, I felt a sense of confidence with how everything was put together from the gameplay to the music (which sounds much like a song I one day planned to release on the Audio Portal, when I finish it), to the achievements and stats that I've acquired in just a bit of time.

Great work, SilenGames. I look forward to seeing more future works from you.


great puzzle

its really good and if you cant do it then use the walkthough to find your way to winning or do it multiple times till you get it


It took me two hours to beat the game and I only have two achievements to unlock. Nice game. I just wish it was a bit more dfificult.