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Reviews for "Resivic Evil (5/5)"


funny, good jokes and everything, sadly that not so manny people talk in spanish
still was creative and fun

martiescageda responds:


I guess not many people like reading subtitles... Anyway, be sure to check out RE DIREMESIS if you liked this series :)

"To soy su papá." - "I'm his Dad."

Jaja! "Yo soy su papá.". Por cierto, siempre me he preguntado por qué todas las versiones en español de una voz niñas escucho siempre suena extrañamente más caliente que la voz original.

Haha! "I'm his Dad.". By the way, I've always wondered why every Spanish version of a girls voice I hear always sounds oddly hotter than the original voice.

martiescageda responds:

You're like the 10th guy that tells me that Jill sounds hot. But if you knew the actress... XD


DAMN MAN!, your a big motherfucker

martiescageda responds:

It's based on a true story. Some guy that bump into my dad told him that (my dad is 6 ft 5 in).


ke chingon! XD

martiescageda responds:

Y la nueva temporada, RE DIREMESIS, está mucha más chingona.
Chécala aquí: http://lasvicaventuras.com/lv-capitul os/

Good stuff

Collection Recommendation made. :)

martiescageda responds:

Hey thanks n.n