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Reviews for "Resivic Evil (5/5)"

Muy bien!

I like that in some movies there's a dumbass to screw things up and some random stuff happens! I love it! LMAO! X-D

Thought it said Diohazard

That would have been funny, considering that there are so many ways to die in the games, that is if you suck. But it was fun intentionally dying in 4 just to see the animations of death. Anyway now for my review. It was funny and i can dig the retro style in which it was done. Good job. It wasn't stupid.


por lo general me repatea el contenido en español pero como me hace reír el Vic

martiescageda responds:

Muchas caricaturas en español están horriblemente animadas y no tienen ningún chiste... Nada que ver con el Vic XD

very good

i actually like this series it was funny and sumtimes unexpected vic was such a retard sumtimes but funny to say the least the ending was priceless


funny, good jokes and everything, sadly that not so manny people talk in spanish
still was creative and fun

martiescageda responds:


I guess not many people like reading subtitles... Anyway, be sure to check out RE DIREMESIS if you liked this series :)