Reviews for "A Fable II Experience 2"

An Epic and Funny video.

I love when Rodriguez ElCazorro kicked Jon then had the "epic face" and when he threw Murgo out the window. I loled at the beginning when Rodriguez said to Dash "aha you lied your a lier... I want these." and when he kicked a chicken. P.S. I love when Jon destroyed the home and laws made Rodriguez had to pay. Lol again when Rodriguez said to the kid "when your older and no longer invinsable im coming to find you." You make my fav vids I can't wait for F3E.


"i sacrificed the lives of thousands of innocent people for that of my dog.. and im still trying to figure out why" i fell out of my chair @ that! XD

hehehe awesome job

I didn't know you made more than 1 of these? Gonna have to scope out your other works now.

Love this and the first one. Made me smiley and gave me a pleasant feeling.

Thank you kindly for sharing your humour and creativity with all of us :)


Did no one else notice that one of the fan's face turns upside down halfway through? Awesome vid, I can't wait for Fable 3 Experience.

No Fabel 2

shame theres no fabel 2 in PC