Reviews for "Belial Chapter 2"


i just played both of these games and in the first ne there was two endings and i saw you tell some one you put both endings in yur second game is there something im missing and is there going to be a 3rd part

keybol responds:

Look closely at the 15 forks ending. That will be explained further in the upcoming supporting chapter.


this game was amazing and kept my interest till the end!

One of the best

This is one of the best point-and-click adventure games I have ever played, probably due to the fact that it was the easiest. I love the overall design of this and this is something that anybody should play, not just fans of the genre. The story in the beginning is wonderfully done. Every creature here has just fantastic design. In case anyone is wondering, use your tail to make the elevator open at the top and collect the power items on top. The combination is 4312 and then use electricity to power it and go down.

That is about as far as I got. Dang it, I forgot to collect the fork I found when I first got out of the elevator! Be sure to always keep a look out for those. This was fun also because the music was really appropriate. I would have even enjoyed it if it was nothing but cutscenes. The main character himself is just designed very well. Thank you for showing me the best point and click adventure game I have ever played!

Simply Amazing!

Nothing less expected from keybol, this is a very good game ;)


This game captures you from the start. With the smooth and good-looking art and animation, you feel you have to play this! Also, the easiness at the start also addicts you, and you just wanna play it more, because you feel like you can solve it!

Simply mind-blowing. The art, the graphics, the animations and all the graphics in this game are simply incredible. I have great respect for the Artist :)

Fitting tune with the gameplay. Also some nice SFX :)

Where do I start? This game is so amazingly done. It's so easy, nice and have so many cool features. I just love the powers you can use as Belial, and it even gets better when you get other people with unique powers to join your team, and then you can use them!

Good choice of NG Medals. Easy to collect!

This game won't last long because of the Point 'n' Click genre, but that's to be expected from these games. You can enjoy it the first time, and then, the second time, collect all the Forks you missed (if you did), and beat the game in under 4 minutes!

It has been a long time since I've played a good adventure game like this one. Looking forward for the next one, keybol. Amaze me, like you did with this one, and I hope the artist also amazes me with his/her incredible work of animation and art -> I'm in awe O_O


keybol responds:

Thanks for the wonderful review Prid!

love these games