Reviews for "Ray Ardent: Science Ninja"

pretty dam fun

the reason i give it 8 is cuz i hate how when i press space he didnt jump sometimes

This is why I love Newgrounds

This is a great little game with so much potential. First of all, I love a game that doesn't take itself too seriously. The voice acting is fantastic and the artwork is also great. About the game itself, it's pretty straight forward, very similar to many flash performers out there and doesn't have anything too different to offer, but does take what's already there and makes it better. The leveling up system is something I really liked and the overall physics and handling are what keep this game entertaining. It does get a little repetitive so far as platform design and music, but over all I like this game a lot. For SCIENCE!


For about five minutes

really great game. the power-ups are awesome and the music makes it even better.

This game is good when you just want to play