Reviews for "Ray Ardent: Science Ninja"

I love the gameplay

It's just so fluid, y know


it remebers some time prince of persia for amiga


it just lame when you get all the epic skills and you want to use em to pown dinos and do awesome moves ...but they consume so much energy that OR you go and grab more energy for the sake of go foward doing awesome moves till the end or you kill some dinos with it and it will son be over :\

aside from that ,thats the first running game i actuallly liked ! awesome job!

Really well thought out. The platforming felt difficult in a rewarding way. Also, I'm a sucker for a game with power-ups that actually help you out, and make the game more interesting. Good job n_n

The control in this is soooo smooth and fun. I'd love to see more! Totally one of the coolest side scroller/platformy kinda games I've played in forever!