Reviews for "Ray Ardent: Science Ninja"


Ordinary runner with new face-job. I guess I would just rather play something else. Not bad for graphics and no glitches I noticed. Should be renamed Ray Tarded.

Nice game but...

I couldn't help noticing the "science" and "ninjas" don't seem to go together, I mean I know what your doing trying to make it different from the average ninja game but,
There are several things that don't fit for me (1)Science (2) Dinosaurs (3) The Costume
For me ninjas more lean towards the mystical arts side than science i mean is he generically modifying his DNA to get these abilities?

Sorry dude nice enough but.......No

Shitty shit shit sucks it has bad power ups I MEAN LIEK SRSLY A DIVE IS EASY the ninja looks fugly (CONCLUSION) This game is shit