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Reviews for "Ray Ardent: Science Ninja"


Simple and stright forward, a lot of variables but they are not evident like rts or rpg games, wich makes the game really enjoyable.

Nit-picking: There is a typo at the end of stage 15, Ray says "You're brilliance" instead of "Your brilliance" :x not a big deal but a science ninja superhero can't make that kind of mistakes \o/


i dont know if you have a sequel to this but make on if you havent already.awsome

Perfect "Speed-style" plataformer

A speed/action plataformer with excelent control and powerups.

- Excelent+ control
- Excelent science-nerdy-humor
- Excelent+ learning curve
- Excelent powerups (love the slide-attack powerup)
- Good graphics/music (especially considering the fact that ONLY ONE GUY did the entire game)

- Too short
- Enemies types (needs more)

This game is very good. Good nerdy-humor, nice graphics, very very good controls. Good powerups, (sidenote: i enjoyed the "customization" of your powerups before entering a level). It's fun, fast, simple (Occam razor simplicity). Love it. The only drawback: its too short, so an almost perfect 9.5/10

Suggestions (please) for a possible sequel / expansion:
- More levels and/or change(s) in the level(s) theme
- More enemies types (suggestion: aerial like a pterodactyl)
Keep the good work. Btw: Did you use flixel?

All of the above

I agree with the others. Great game, great learning curve, difficult, and fun. Good story, good powerups, etc.


the gameplay is solid, running really fast then jumping and diving on a dinosaur is epic :D. I love platformers with tiny characters