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Reviews for "Ray Ardent: Science Ninja"

Really well thought out. The platforming felt difficult in a rewarding way. Also, I'm a sucker for a game with power-ups that actually help you out, and make the game more interesting. Good job n_n

really great game. the power-ups are awesome and the music makes it even better.

It's weird to imagine how I could have missed out on this awesome entry when it first came out! I really liked this game probably because it allowed you to have so much power. While the main character can't fly, he can do pretty much anything else. Some of the controls are hard to use, but overall it's a great game. I think the character looks like someone from a comic made by Bleedman. With the pause options, everything's taken at a good pace too.

The levels are designed in a really cool manner too. The colors are different and you have so much freedom to move around. This is the kind of thing we wish we could do in real life, next to flying. We all desire to have great agility and go anywhere we wanted. The voicework is great too.

An incredibly Science-y challenge!

This game's very unique and different. It has a lot of ideas behind it, and the storyline seems to just get better and better. I admire the 50s/60s style art direction, it really looks awesome! The music's good and keeps you going. The only gripe I got, is that it's harder to destroy these dinosaurs (the RIGHT way) than it is for Mario Mario to jump on a goomba! It's more of a Sonic approach (only seen the homing approach as early as Sonic Adventure). The physics feel spot on, though.

One thing that I really don't get is how the star system works.

Consider this my awesome-review-of-SCIENCE!


Very Cool

Only downside I can think of is that screen seems way too small (I can barely make out the character and coins). Other than that, very nice mix of 2D plat former, running game, and RPG.

Btw, to whomever said ninjas were more "mystical arts" as opposed to using "science," all of the ninja martial arts were from devout physical training, all of their gadgets and "tricks' were from science...such as the ability to walk on water was because of specially-engineered shoes you can Google to find nowadays, BUT they allowed others to label them as "mystic arts" as a means of psychological warfare. If people believe that you are magic, it just makes you seem more terrifying and powerful, but nothing they did was actually magic - they weren't actually like Naruto...