Reviews for "Alien Invaders"

Cheap knockoff.

First off you say it's original?
It's a pure copy of the original.
It's way too easy with only thre waves, and the ability to fire about as fast as you can click the mouse button.
The aliens keep firing even when you've killed them, and the shields can just take one hit. Needs lots of work.

This game isn't good.

It's pretty boring for the most part. Even though the game plays ok. The main problem with it is the fact that it's so short and doesn't offer much. There's only 3 levels and they're all very easy. Didn't lose a life on my first round. It's not fully horrible, but it needs a lot more work, with more creativity, more variety, more effort. This is a ok start if this is your first game. Just keep working at it and you'll surely get better.

I was very impressed of this game...

...1982, when I was 7 y/o and played it on amchine and begged my daddy for more coins. So the only thing that´s better w/h this one is that I don´t have to ask for money to put into it. Also the music works.
Far too easy to win.


No challenge; just stay in one spot and click quickly. Too short; three levels. Not all that innovative. It's really not worth the five seconds it takes to play.

ChickenTechno responds:

I'm sorry last time a made a game everyone sad it was too hard. so i guess ill make it harder to beat.

I feel like this has been done before...

There is nothing wrong with taking a game that has been done before and making it your own, but this is not that. This is taking a game that has been done before and removing most of it, leaving three levels. You didn't even include the funny UFOs!

Techno was a nice touch though.

If you want to actually get this on Newgrounds, you need to add more levels, first of all. It's WAY to short as it is. You might want to do something else with it too. People can play Space Invaders anywhere. Give us a reason to want to play YOUR version.