Reviews for "Puzzling War"

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Its an okay game. I kinda liked it actually. Its got some cute graphics and is easy to learn, the music is pretty annoying if it were an octive lower it would be much better. One thing I wanna know is why do I get more gold when I lose than when I win?

Needs some work

You have a lot of potential here. The matching/spawning system is a great idea, but the matching sprites are really awful. The colors are bland which make the board hard to pay attention to and a lot of the sprites look just like each other with a slight change. You should consider revising your color scheme is you make a sequel or an updated version, as I am sure that there were other people who experienced my frustrations. Overall, 5/10 for the great concept but lacking execution. Would love to see more from you in the future!

fun but needs work

It definitely kept my attention, but it felt too short in my opinion. Also the power ups were a bit of a nuisance, they didn't feel like they were helpful in the matches.


Was pretty fun till I got to the third level on each side...then I'd just get completely annihilated...I went back and did the other path, thinking that would help, but it didn't. I upgraded my units, get combos over and over again, and they run right through my units. Then I just stopped and looked at the AI's side, and it's just getting every possible combo instantly without even pausing. This game is retarded.

A for concept, D for execution

This is an excellent idea for a game. Mix the aspects of a puzzler with the strategy of a lane-based combat system. The fact that the puzzles make it difficult to execute the strategies is the entire point. The idea of using the puzzle to add some spice to an essentially-dead genre is a brilliant idea.

It's marred by a few problems in execution, though. For one thing, the grid is too small. I understand the necessity of making the grid that small--it allows you to identify the sprites. But if there was any way to expand the grid, do so. The second thing is that using sprites as the things you have to match is an interesting idea, but the sprites look too similar. I think it's because the sprites are all humans, and therefore must all have human features. I understand that there's not much you can do about this either, but I'd suggest replacing the sprites with symbols that represent them. There's a reason Bejeweled uses brightly-colored geometric shapes--they're easy to tell apart.

Finally, there's no strategy involved! You toss out whatever matches you can find, hoping pathetically to keep things flowing before the enemy castrates you. Next time, implement a lane system, so that players have to manage both the act of getting troops onto the battlefield and the lane-based combat system implemented by other games. Now THAT would be a challenge!

All in all, a great idea, but there were too many problems for it to shine.