Reviews for "Puzzling War"


not my kind of game, but not a bad idea.

Good but needs balancing

It's a very good concept, but it has some balance issues. It's near impossible to regain momentum for either side if you have a reset or two close together, anything you get out is just instantly splattered by a swarm.

The single use items are actually more of a hindrance than a boon a majority of the time. I'm actually happy to see when my opponent has a few of them, it's usually an easy win.

The last issue is a bit personal. My color vision sucks, and units like the berzerker and warrior piled together tend to turn into a blur, so a greater difference in appearance, or even color specific tiles behind would help a lot.

Needs brighter colors!

The sound was really annoying, and the characters were way too hard to tell apart. I understand the allure of using 8-bit sprites, but at least make them brightly colored. As it is, they're all different washed out shades of gray and brown, which makes it hard to pick out groups of similar characters while you're in a hurry.

Has 1 major flaw

Progression. I feel I suddenly cant progress and I have to grind a few previous battles to even get a minor upgrade. I get to the half way point and suddenly I go up against a team that has rank 1 with a few 2s or Rank 2s with a few 1s + weapon/shield/pots, etc

Now half way through, I fight all Rank 3 units with all the other bonuses? Bad progression basically said it all for me to quit half way. Other than that, it is a good game overall.

It was kind of fun

but the pieces look way too similar. After a moment it gets frustrating. If they were more distinguishable, it would make it a lot more fun.