Reviews for "Puzzling War"

good game

but its not fun to play for a long time and needs some work


I like the game and love the concept, but once i got about half way into it the computer matches things so fast I never had a chance on anything. I had too hard a time telling the sprites apart. I think it would be betterif the tiles were brightly colored tiles with easily distinguishable symbols on them, and then the sprites could still fight on the top.


It was a fun game to start out with. The classic match 3 or more game is always a safe game type. I liked the idea behind the battles but it seemed as though some of the middle maps were far more difficult than even the last one. I even maxed out my team and went back to Dolba Fortress and nearly lost but breezed through the last stage.

It had great potential but with a little tweaking it could have been a lot of fun.

it's alright

if your bored its a good game to play for a few minutes. after about half the map though you just want to quit and find something else to do. there should be some sort of storyline, or at least something more exciting as you move onwards.

Balancing problems.

The power-ups in the shop seem worthless. It's always easier without them.