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Reviews for "Puzzling War"

Not really new, but quite nice

Not really a new idea, yet another match-3 rpg-ish thing. Still decently executed. A few things that should be looked at:
1) Sound: I don't know if it's on purpose that way but the sound is horribly distorted. too loud samples/music used?
2) Colour: The blue and grey "pieces" are much too close in looks on the board to be easily distinguished. An inherent handicap for the player that the AI obviously won't have.

All in all, decent, but needs some work.

#1 baby

just made the #1 on the daily top scores with just under a million GO USA haha loved this game but got boring for awhile took awhile to beat it a few hours because i went back and improved some scores

Pretty good

I agree with bleedingwings' review. The issue of not being able to actually see the units attacking might just be an intrinsic issue of the game though. I can't really think of an easy fix other than the idea of a 'deploy phase', but I'm not even sure exactly how that'd work out.

An issue I found here was that this game is WAY too easy. I managed to beat all but the last 4 levels (where I stopped to write this) by upgrading my mage once and my berserker twice, never buying any of the swords or shields. Not only did this let me win games, in let me do it constantly with perfect health. Maybe I stumbled on the perfect strategy on my first go, but I feel like games are much more enjoyable when I find an ideal strategy through trial and error instead of powering through like a maniac (berserker?).

Adding more elements to the game might contribute towards improving it. Maybe introducing weaknesses and strengths for each character? That way investing in non-unit upgrades can benefit in sticky situations. On top of this, cases where you have more tiles wouldn't involve mindlessly selecting triple-combos to get throw more soldiers out there, but instead, you'd consider which moves are best and work towards them.

Overall: entertaining game, but there's room for improvement.

I really like the concept of the game... but...

Overall, I do think it's really cool. But, I'm having a really hard time enjoying it. I know that might seem a bit confusing, but hear me out... or, I guess, keep reading... whatever.

First off, I almost never get a chance to actually look at the dudes I'm summoning. I'm too busy frantically trying to find matches to actually look at the action screen or whatever you want to call it to actually see if I'm winning or not. What little I've seen of the action looks awesome, and I want to be able to see my little dudes in action, but if I take the time to actually enjoy the action, I fall behind and lose! I have no idea how I'd improve on that, maybe have a "match to buy units" phase and a "deploy units phase" or something like that.

Second, buying more tiles is kind of counter-intuitive. See, it's hard enough finding matches quickly with just the 5 tiles, why would we want more? Especially a tile that does nothing but improve our score. It's like we're spending our money to make the game even harder, when there are already stages where the computer gets like 6 summons right off the bat and just PWNS us. Or rather it PWNS me, I can't speak for everybody. Maybe the shop could be upgrades to the units' special abilities? Like maybe if we buy "Fireball X" the mage can attack twice at once if we match a row of 4 mages? Or maybe buy the "fire golem" so we can auto-summon a giant fire monster if we set off a combo of 4 or more?

Third, this might just be me but I have a hell of a time telling the berserker and the warrior apart. I mean, we've got the GREEN archer, the YELLOW mage, the RED rogue, and then we've got the blue-gray berserker and the gray warrior. I know, one's a chick and one's a dude, I still have a lot of trouble telling them apart when I'm playing and it's cost me games. They look a lot alike. Maybe it's just me. I've even tried upgrading them to see if they'll look more different, and it didn't help.

Anyway, it's good but I think it could be better and I really hope that you make another version, one that's a little kinder to eternal (and possibly colorblind) n00bs like me.

Ehh. Okay.

This IS a great concept for a game [as uncanny474 had said], but it was too boring for me. It kept me going for at least 3 minutes. I give it a 6.