Reviews for "Puzzling War"

aggravating bug

theres a bug that will wipe my money out and replace it with what i got for the last fight only. like i had 1354 total before a battle and when i came out, i had 539 total. the first time i noticed it, i saved my game and it added up the next battle money but after a few battles (i think it was 4) it happened again. it angers me so! but other than that, this game is really fun and i really like it. despite the bug, you get 10/10 cuz this game is absolutely fantastic XD

tempalabs responds:

Thanks for the information, will check the problem right away!


I love it! It reminds me of Bejeweled and Final Fantasy Tactics. I have never seen a game with puzzles and war strategy before! AWSOME!!!

Great Game Overall

Cute graphics, a new spin on the "match three" type of games, while still maintaining a challenge.

Great game with plenty of fun.

the reason i like this game so much is because of the little battle thats going on above you while your doing the puzzles its really cool. nicely done.