Reviews for "Puzzling War"

Isn't it illegal to steal sprites from Rmvx?

You're obviously profiting off of sprites used in a specific engine ... I don't see any credits anywhere either. Rpg maker vx rtp.

So So

This was a fun game in the start, but it was way to easy... I finished the game without any upgrades...
Plus the controls are bad when you have combo's...

I think some harder oponents and some variation in the game is a must.


its fun for a while but you build up money too slowly

and the medals are ridiculous, 10combo just seems like luck and impossible to get and even with all units maxed out and beating the first level in 17seconds i still lose 1 unit,

needs better upgrades as you go

Meh, not my kinda game

It's basically like bejeweled blitz with little anime characters. not much originality.


Great concept , the only thing that bothered me was the pxelation of the characters was VERY hard to match !!