Reviews for "Puzzling War"

Badly designed

-Stolen sprites

-Monotonous music

-Money/Upgrade ratio is imbalanced

-The different characters all basically do the same thing; no real strategy

-It's a clone of bejeweled

-Every level is extremely easy except for the last level which is extremely difficult

-Controls feel unresponsive, lags constantly throughout gameplay

-All the text in this game is ridiculously poor in grammar and spelling

-No reward whatsoever for beating it

-Every level is basically the same


It was easy enough without upgrades, now I'm totally overpowering the opponent and I can't have them last long enough to use 20 swords, statues, shields or potions on them *sigh*


its fun and all but its very hard


It was a fun game. The enemys leveled up WAY too quickly and it seemed like some of the earlier lvls were harder then some of the later lvls. The shop items are too week.

hard game

Not nearly enough money, opponents upgrade faster than you, and half the time I get stuck with no moves to make, which gets worse later in the game. I just got all the level two guys, but on this next level the enemy has all level 3!!

And i absolutely HATE the damn click and drag method!!! make it the normal click-click method, my hand is getting tired from having to drag!! worst possible control method.

Hardest level is the fort at the top center, he gets tons of swords so i can never keep a single unit on the screen.