Reviews for "Puzzling War"


Sorry, its graphics are really low, the game is already popular, i mean the TYPe of game which is like bejeweled game, but good work though

The game is fun in the short term....

The game is a challenging and it does cause you to think, and yet there are flaws still in the game. I know the graphics are 8-bit looking, but after a while it starts to hurt the eyes and matching the characters becomes harder (the hair color helped a bit, but then you start to go color blind from scanning over the grid while looking for matches.) As for the difficulty, the only thing that seems to matter is that once you start a match you have to keep steam rolling the enemy till you win, any moment of pause causes the AI to somehow slingshot back into the fight as if they were just holding back the army till you got eye-strain.

The only advice I can give is for people to spend the gold you get on upgrading your units and avoid the shop. All it does is add more blocks to your side and while they may seem helpful it starts to get annoying when you make a few matches only to be stunned for 3-4 seconds because you can't match anything.

okkkk so i thought it would suck, when i saw it bu

10 stars man thats a really good game congrats

I liked it

The Good:
The idea was great, simple and fun puzzling plus fantasy strategy make a good mix.
The units had nice diversity and design.
The powerups were pretty good, and having to choose between them or easier matching added a nice touch of strategy.

The Bad:
Sometimes the click-drag mechanic was unresponsive.
Once units were leveled up there was no reason to try for 4 or 5 combos, so detracted from the strategy aspect.

Overall, a fun twist on a classic. Could have used a survival/endless mode, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Fun game

But short, and a bit too pointless. For waht it was though, it was greatly amusing and the pixel theme was perfect for my need for nostalgia.