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Reviews for "Puzzling War"

It was kind of fun

but the pieces look way too similar. After a moment it gets frustrating. If they were more distinguishable, it would make it a lot more fun.


Indeed they make the Archer stronger


I like it, I thought the graphics were ok the combat animation could stand some improvements. My complaint is that it's too much puzzle and not enough strategy, you have all these different classes but it doesn't matter because the player is going to send out the first match he sees anyway, the classes are also all the same some are just more powerfull versions of the other, not really too many pros or cons of sending one class out before another. That said still not bad for a flash game.


it was a pretty good game

Graphics :(

while fun, I found the graphics to get in the way of the gameplay. there's too much grey on too many characters. when you start scanning the board many of the pieces look the same.

Also, there's no real point in getting big combos. perhaps activating a special attack when 4 or 5 are matched would have helped improve gameplay.

upgrades are okay. maybe allowing individual stats to be improved could help add strategy to the game.

Also the game just feels short.

fix/improve these things and you could have a good addition to the bejeweled style game.