Reviews for "Puzzling War"

Nice concept.. but..

the game is nice.. but kinda irritating to my eyes the longer i play the game. Its a bit hard to tell which pair is it.. they almost look the same.


I didn't enjoy it...the gameplay wasn't smooth enough and I kind of wanted to rip my hair out while I was playing it ;/

Can't stand it...

My eyes have a really hard time distinguishing between the pieces... really cluttered looking.


the simple fact that this game is like bejeweled its great but combined with battle its ultra super wooper (wtf burger king?) imposibi great

Needs a bit of work

The concept is great and this game is really fun, but I kept loosing because I couldn't tell the puzzle pieces apart. I spent so much time trying to tell the blocks from one another that I could barely match anything. I'm an avid puzzle player and I am very good on games like these, but dieing 5 times on the first stage due to visibility is very frustrating. Peripheral vision is a must for games like these and the colors are so similar that it makes it nearly impossible to use. This a great game with a problem that shouldn't be too difficult to fix :)

Fix this 1 issue and you might just get yourself on the NG Hall of Fame!