Reviews for "Why this?"

That was... Different.

That was a beautiful game. But how the he** did you manage to put 6.5MB to that? :D

Alright, but one thing really ruined it for me...

It was alright. Lovely music choice. I like pixel graphics, I believe it allows the player/viewer to fill in the blanks. It really bothers me that we have no idea why he shot his wife, why he forgot, and why he now remembers and regrets it and wants to kill himself. That might be "the point", but if that IS the point, it's not a very good one.

The thing that REALLY ruined it was the poor sentence and grammar structure. It took me a second to try to figure out what the character was trying to say. I was focusing too much on trying to figure it out and it ruined the ambiance.

This has happened too much on newgrounds. Please grammar check your sentences with a friend, or with Microsoft Word or something. Especially if you're trying to convey an emotion or a feeling with your game. You don't need the player/viewer to have to spend time trying to figure out what you meant to say.

I totally understand that english is not everybody's first language, but if you're making a game IN english, it should be written correctly.

couple of questions.

Who Played that tune? it was nice.
What happens when the timer runs out?


i love the way you wrap the llama in bacon...oh wait..wrong game. um.....yay woo...good plot...yay...um....10/10....yeh......

Not so good... nex time! Don't give up...

Ook... well,
I understand you wanted to do a meaningful mental-trip game & stuff:
but you didn't manage; I'm not talking about the graphic, I'm talking about design and concept. It's just my opinion, but people often think that deep concept is equal to a cool art game... BUT IT'S NOT TRUE.
You can't just put a tragedy into a game and, "wooo!" your game turned to be the best art-stuff of the year.
My review is just an attempt to be constructive; next time put more effort on the concept AND gameplay.

To the other guys who did the review: holy cow, does anybody know the meaning of "constructive review"? Instead it looks like everyone just wrote "sh*t". :(