Reviews for "Why this?"

There is no game to it -- all you do is move right and jump a few times! Just pointless. What is being presented there would have worked better as a short movie where this guy moves to his house and reminisces about this tragic moment. Even then, it is boring. More story build-up and character development will not hurt, even though I almost never play games for the story. The only things this game has going for it is the music and emotion, and even those are just barely passable. The music selection is fitting for the context of the story, though...

A decent title, but nothing to write home about. I will say that the musical choice was an excellent one, as it does a fine job of conveying the overall sentiment of the story. Unfortunately, the graphics hurt the execution a little bit, and the Tic Tac medal appears to reward doing anything *but* playing the game. That's not what you should be striving for; if the experience is the goal here, then creating a medal that runs counter to that is an undesirable outcome.

The story itself is also, to be honest, a bit lacking. We discover what the main character couldn't remember, and then...what? No attempt at redemption, no exploration into his sense of guilt, just a sudden, brisk end to it all? You could have done a lot more with this, but instead, it feels like you rushed through it as quickly as possible.

You get, and deserve, three stars.

*Spoiler Alert?*

While this game does have an interesting sad mood to it it feels like this "idea" would be more suited for a medium like a short movie as opposed to a game.
I mean, you don't really PLAY at all, there aren't any decisions to make. You just hold down "D" and tap "W" once in a while.
It also felt like it didn't really build up to anything, the story told isn't very deep and the way your character moves makes the cliff jump feel very undramatic.
You just keep on waddling right on off.

In summary, I thought that the mood was good but the second half of the game didn't really add much and it wasn't much of a "game".

It's a little emotional,but it isn't a game,its interactive art.

Decent game

I must say this was a pretty fantastic Game, for the mostpart it was a highly entertaining game, it kept my interest, and has some nice visuals and graphics that really came together, I like this because it had alot of good points some things could be worked on better, So great start to a decent flash game. Ok so this was interesting i like the "PIXLE" like game here, it adds to the quality and fun-ness of the game, his movment was kind of slow though, but i guess that could be the idea but it was actually pretty fun the "GRAPHICs" are simple but thats pixle for you, but i must say it was still a fun pleasent and amusing agme, and a good concept, the medals were far and few between so thats something you should work on adding more medals. I like the "CUT SCENES" in this as the story starts to show thru progression so in a way it slike a movie / game but all still good, And the "TIC-TOC" Medal was interesting but a long wait indeed, but anyways a decent flash game here with abit of a good movie part so that was pretty interesting. OK so while this reviews is almost comming to an end i found this flash submission to be fun somewhat entertaining, it had some good visuals and showed some of your effort put into this, so keep at it as this was notbad at all. So keep up the decent work i really enjoyed what you had here.

There are some improvments that could be made to this fine game, just a few here or there, and in the end it will make a better game with more quality to it. Here are a few tips and ideas on making this somewhat better, it never hurts to improve on stuff, even in the smallest stuff. Improving on stuff is always a Plus, so here are some decent suggestions on making things better, you should give them a try or atleast a thought into making some changes on the game. This was pretty fantastic with some of the medals you had, some easy and some moderate to heavy skill level, you should add more on moderate level of skill and really build up the more the better., speed up his movment a lil as it was too slow waling the main character, it was pretty good game.