Reviews for "Why this?"

This is what people call "a tearjerker" and "deep" these days? I'll spare the details because I'm already well aware that the few people who actually tried to make sense of this put it better than I

Meh. . .

I thought it was pretty ok. I liked the loss of memory storyline and the plot twist. The music was fitting. I felt a little forced when I couldn't walk left once I passed the house, but I guess that if I wasn't forced, the ending couldn't take place. Coild be better , but still pretty good.

awsome game thank for it it really made me think and the music awsome i will even download it .. thank for the memories for you awsome game is 4 stars

You, sir, should include a mute button. Waiting out the timer for the first medal is even more annoying when accompanied by music when you're playing another game to pass the time.