Reviews for "Sean and Justin 0.5"

Things that pwned

A fun-downer, a scott drinking a irish beer, a gay guy, a exploding head, a head on fire, 3 dick jokes, 4 disguises, a cyborg, an epic-face( PWNAGE) AND a drunk drive with 2 guys shooting an AK47(I thinks thats what it was) and lighting trees on fire. With that many pwns... You got to be an... epic face! (Random)

HappyViking responds:

It was actually a MP5, not an AK47, and... gay guy? Well, in the S+J universe, I suppose sexuality (and gender so it seems) are rather more flexible. I mean, it IS a universe that runs on impulse: doing whatever (or whoever) you damn well please.

The Messiah Comes To Rub Himself

Caremell Dansin is SWEDEN!
SHIIIIIIT! And all this time I had an emotional fear against Japanese queers and pedos. What's Wrong With This World, I'm SO CONFUSED.
PS. The Messiah hates Caremell Dansin

Oh my

That was... Soo random :)
Even whene you think you got the joke, you did tunr it around once more, soo i got twice as much laught from one scen :)

Really good animation and the end is just fantastic :)
And why did you use a Swedish song at the end? Do you even know what they sing?

HappyViking responds:

Not really. Swedish isn't a language I'm anywhere near capable of reading. I just used the song because of the meme connected to it. Plus I wanted an excuse to make Masky, Slendy, and the Sean800 do that stupid dance together. :P


That was a scottish accent and who cares at long as it satisfies them.

funny but

that wasn't a scottish accent and the scots don't drink guiness

HappyViking responds:

Well, true, it was actually an American doing a terrible impression of one, but hey, what can you do? It's supposed to be silly. As for the Guinness... let's lie and say I meant "Tennents Lager". :P