Reviews for "Sean and Justin 0.5"

Well... You're back at least...

This one was a little disappointing, you always sorta sounded like you were holding back on the audio, the animation got better, but the humor got a little bit repetitive (but I did like the tf2 references). The dialouge sounded like you were whispering the whole time. Overall, I'm gonna say it deserves a 3. (I'm sorry to say, the last one, although a bit choppy, was a bit more humorous than this one..)

Very well put together!

I liked how every audition seemed more original than the next, even if that meant repeating a reference or two. This was madly funny, and I liked how you saved the best for last: Justin.

The music was really nice and nostalgic. Fitting soundtrack, if you ask me!



I've been looking so forward to this. And the end of this indicates, that there might be another one?
Please don't make us wait another year and a half!
If you do a Sean and Justin 2 don't let yourself be cornered by details like a fluent story. Let the 'non-sequitor 13' bomb be destroyed by a far bigger bomb and so everybody was saved. Except for the whale of course. He will have to wear a phantom of the opera mask from that day on.

in summary: you guys rock!

HappyViking responds:

I like the way you think. But no, I already got a plot of sorts thought up, though rest assured it won't pin down the chaos in a way that robs the series of its essential charm. Plus, JUSTIN will actually BE IN IT for more than 30 seconds, so that guarantees a certain level of anarchic goofiness.

And thank you, sir. :D


I just loved all the Team Fortress 2 references... you even had the Eyelander <3 but as for the Penis joke, as the Demoman says: THERE CAN BE ONLY OOOOOOONE!!!!

HappyViking responds:

Yeah, I'm thinking I might have used too many dick and sex jokes in this one. The next one (whenever the hell THAT gets made) will hopefully trade in the cocks and boners for more whimsy and wackiness. Y'know, some more WHOLESOME nonsense. :3


You get major bonus points for using music from Lagoon. I'm surprised anyone else remembers that game anymore.