Reviews for "Sean and Justin 0.5"


Bwahaha. "Terrifyingly adorable werewolf ears". That whole sub-skit is hilarious.

Most of the voices are hilarious. The other pig-rider in the joust bit, though, his voice was rather tinny. Made it a little hard for me to listen to.

In the shark scene, the screams start about a second or so before the shark does. Kind of odd. Same with the guy screaming in after the "wanna make out" scene. The scream and SMACK appeared before he did.

Bonus awesome points for what sure as heck sounds like the "RUN AWAY" from "Search for the Holy Grail". A lot of comedy-crafters would run it into the ground. I like that it was just that "hint" of Monty, if you will. (Of course, if my ears deceive me and it wasn't that particular "RUN AWAY", umm, ignore this paragraph. It doesn't exist!)

Lastly, more bonus awesome points for the bit in the Author's Comments. That's what made me watch the thing, not having seen the first Sean and Justin. Yet. Definitely going to, now.

HappyViking responds:

Really? I never had audio sync issues when I watched it. Shark scene, screaming scene, nothing. I'll get on that right away. And as for Mr. Tinvoice, those were all sound clips taken from the "Tourettes Guy", so I don't have much power over their quality.

But thank you for your otherwise glowing words of praise!