Reviews for "Sean and Justin 0.5"


I love your drawing style, animating technique and the rest

The only reason I'm docking you a star is that GUINESS IS IRISH!

I'm Scottish and I wouldn't touch that piss water =p

Famous Grouse or Glenfiddich for me!

And this is the first time in a long while I actually laughed, not giggled, laughed at something on NG, but you might consider buying a new microphone, there were a few clicks and clacks with the audio.

HappyViking responds:

Yeah, I know I need a new microphone. But I did know that Guinness was Irish! I just couldn't think of a recognizable Scottish beverage at the time. FORGIVE ME FOR MY LAZY CULTURAL IGNORANCE.


i loke that you took some of the sounds from TF2 thats kinda a good idea
10/10 for the laughs animation was good its just some of the voices that are out abit


The voice sound can ofcourse be improved, but otherwise awesome!


No bad..... nice try though


I still give it a 10, but the voice could be a little better :)

HappyViking responds:

Yessss. I need a new microphone. 'Tis a common criticism. :P