Reviews for "Sean and Justin 0.5"

The Wait...

was long and painful but worth it, keep em coming :D


If every auditon process was like this, I'd attend or be part of it, as long as I wasn't killed in the process, the only thing that bothered me aswell, is the fact that GUINNESS IS IRISH!! Tis my favourite brew, but I ain't Irish, I'm British lol. Still Guinness. Yum. You could have had the Scott trying to share Haggis which is just disgusting, and would of been funnier, seeing as it would of related to him being Scottish. Just being very picky sorry. xD And the only relation between the Irish and the Scottish and the English even, throw in the Welsh aswell, we are a Whole country of Drunkards!! That i'm not proud of but, yeah... Anywho... trailing off, Nice flash make MOAR. :D




Ludicrus nonsense

This makes little to no sense and has plenty of unexplainable events. I love it.

oh yeah!!! \m/

I love the scene with kyle, it was awesome maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!
the jammin was good!!!
and with saddie!!! the flash is an EPIC WIN!!!!!