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Reviews for "Eagle Minigolf"

i love this...

bout time!~


anyone who complanes cant read how to do it after i was abought to give up i saw you can move the camra a very good game you can move the camra WASD moves the camra

Not bad

The aiming system really didn't give you any sense at all of exactly how powerful the shot would be, and the WASD camera rotation is a little sticky.. But other than that it's a pretty fun game.

Poor and almost counter-intuitive controls.

Those are the main issues. Using the keyboard like the game calls for is--odd. It doesn't feel natural, and no other mini-golf game I've played really does that.

Another problem is the camera. Three-D is great, in theory, but not so much when you can't swivel the camera to get a better sense of spatial relationships. A three-dimensional setting without being able to get a real sense of spatial relationships means it's hard to set up shots. Also, a zoom feature would be handy.

I don't think the game deserves to be blammed necessarily, but I do think it could use some re-working.

Could have been great....

You have to have the ability to see the field, not just guess which direction to hit the ball. Plus....very unrealistic controls. Full power on hitting the ball, it should roll far, not just a few inches. Maybe try to add an overview and more distance to a full powered shot.