Reviews for "Ragdoll Man Christmas"


LOL I did a guy that was standing there.

Hard to hate

Why doesn't anyone ever make Thanksgiving games around this time of year? Anyway, I loved this because it gave me a really easy oppurtunity to get a medal (10 points in fact!). I believe this is from "A Charlie Brown Christmas" which happens to be my favorite Christmas movie. I think you get the medal simply by clicking the play button and letting yourself fall. It seems to be a real victory for you to get points for this medal. I hope you have a very merry Christmas and Thanksgiving, but next time put in some more detail.

Bah Humbug

If you know it is a bit early why didn't you way a few weeks? I would have been a LOT more generous with my score if it was released near Christmas.
Also a medal for loading the game?!? please make us EARN the medal.

As for the flash it self have the rag-doll frozen until the player starts dragging it, and have a score for the amount of damage done to it. Also please add a mute button.


im happy that you at least begin now im so in the christmas mood :D THANKS

ty for the medal

would prefer a 100 points medal but it's better than nothing. anywayz, i found a glitch in this game. falling to the ground, once he touches the ground press space. dang, he's dissapeared. XD useless glitch.