Reviews for "Ragdoll Man Christmas"


It is like my every fantasy of beating my family to pulp. You know, if my TV box can put Christmas shit on we can too at NG. Thanks for using my tunes!

Rawnern responds:

NP, man! It's a great song :)

Meh Happy early chrismas I guess xD

Guys cmon we gotta give this person credit for being in the xmas spirit.


its november

It's fine.

Henry94567 was obviously having a bad day.

Sure, this flash may have been made just for the hell of it, but nothing is really WRONG with it..

It gives out Christmas Spirit to all the Newgrounds users, and the music isn't even bad?

Henry, you know how the Newgrounds motto is "Everything, by Everyone" ? Well this is part of Everything, and Rawnern is part of everyone... Stop making yourself look like an asshole :P

Anyways, this probably deserves worst then what I'm giving you, because let's face it, it isn't the best. Work on your artwork, and maybe people like Henry won't lurk around your submissions ;)

fun little ragdoll...

but thats it, i was expecting a little more something, like maybe a level or two, or a minigame or something. you get points for the song, which is one of my fave christmas tunes, from charlie brown no less, and the rest from the stickman blood, that was funny. next time tho, maybe add a minigame or a level or something, because i got bored after a minute or 2