Reviews for "Ragdoll Man Christmas"

Thanks for the medal!

Easy 10 points, but nothing special. Most of the people (like me) come here because of the medal, not because the game.

good chrismas fun

make me sad of joy it really wakes you up frome the music songs like ET and lady gaga. and the its just a day people say it really helps you get the spirit


easiest medal ever


merry christmas.

if all games would be like "this" it would be no more longer a chellange to get medals. i like these medals in the games but i waste not my time to get all medalls of every game. guys, games are games cus you can play them for JOY (thats the reason why i play games, if i get then a medal, fine).

OH men yeah

Game so good that the music relieve my strees and good game i vote 10/10 and 5/5