Reviews for "Sleep Walk"

Comments below not 10 but not negative thoughts?

Sorry to piss on your fire, but even though it's "all cute, simple, funny and stuff" the things that happen made me go wtf, but definitely creative...but maybe more sense and difficulty next time? I would've considered this game cute like the others, but this type of art isn't really my type and I don't really see whats so cute about it anyways. But great thing to play after my homework.

Really well written!

It's not really long or addicting or anything, but it's great to go to sleep after this! Tnx!

Very cute!

This was cute, and didn't take too long to finish a game. The music is pretty catchy, and the gameplay was great. I really loved the ending, it made me giggle. Overall, I loved this game. :D

It's simple

But it's a cute, fun little game

Reminded me

Of my good days as a kid playing club penguin.