Reviews for "Longcat is Long"

Go go go longcat!

Trollface! oh, by the way... really liked it! I guess he became a Wormhole Wizard or like, and keeps Longing all around the multiverse! LOL for the plane victims, though.

longcat broke the black wall D:

Amazing piece of work really, the fact you didn't use the prtsc button at all during the making would probably throw people a bit actually. Aside from that this was quite well done actually.

Audio: Jazzy as the cat starts having a growth spurt.

Art: I think it was alright, not to detailed but not sloppy so it was really nice.

Overall: This actually turns out to be humorous as you planned, surprisingly people still like Longcat.

williamdickeson responds:

Thankyou so much :D


By my calculations you are correct!


God approves of this. I know. He talked to me through it.

Long indeed!

Hahha, I hate memes. Still, this shit was funny and entertaining xD 7/10, 4/5!