Reviews for "xStream Fishing"


Gets stuck in the air and just keeps on going for thousands of meters. Lots of potential if fixed.

Failed again

You sir have failed twice with balance. at first it went to far (which i personally thought was amazing because it usually takes forever to do that) but now i cant go past 2,000.. and catching the fish is personally boring, you took out the epic part of the game, the flying!!! try again. im upgraded fully yet when i didnt upgrade shit i went farther....

Nice game, however, it was muuuch too short and too easy.
More upgrades and a wider variety of fish needed!
Maybe there should be different islands which can be unlocked.
At least I had some fun 10 minutes :)

bug needs to be fixed

my hook stays in the air forever plz fix great game though

I broke the game

its def broken, bought a new rod and has been flying thru the air for like 5 min now.