Reviews for "xStream Fishing"

It's good, but...

my game kinda got stuck... I was right in the beggining, the hook and bait kept hitting on birds with bags off money, and got stuck into it... getting higher and higher... when I finally gave up on it ever coming down, it was waaaaay over 40.000 meters
Other than that bug, it's a solid game!

Bug needs fixing

Great! But it kinda takes a long time for the hook to land it went123km and kept going just hitting money bags every 5 sec mute on the sound fx doesnt work either


ive gotten a continuopus line and keeps glitching on birds, its been doing this for 2 hours now, and is currently at 51,398,022.46m and $287,213 and still going strong hitting birds in mid air and going at a fast pace. other than that Ive seen more origional games than this, I think the idea has become over used. Otherwise this was a funny 2 hours and I give you a few more stars for that one

good try but....

like the others said too many birds fix that and maybe more upgrades that aren't OP
(Over Powered for teh n00bz lol)

awesome game

Ah such a great game, wonderful graphics and game play but my hook is stuck in the air, I'm a millionaire right now.