Reviews for "xStream Fishing"

Good game

There are some pretty serious bugs that need to be fixed though. I couldn't go back after viewing the achievement page and I had to reload the game again because I couldn't get down from the sky, it just kept bouncing. So I'd say either add a button to cancel your cast and collect whatever you have at that time or take A LOT of things out of the sky.

Quite a good game.

If I weren't so burnt out on Toss a Turtle I would have played this for quite some time. Good game though. 3/5 7/10

Fun game with some problems

These upgrade launch games are fairly common, but with the fishing adding a fun twist on the old formula. Overall a fun game, but it needs some work in a couple areas:
-As several people have stated, the birds are too common and/or they give your cast too much of a lift, which makes even un-upgraded casts last too long.
-Also as people pointed out, they trip back with the bait takes too long, which only gets worse per the cast. Perhaps a ratio-ed reel in speed with respect to cast distance to keeps the reel ins from taking too long.
-It would be nice if there were more skills that could be upgraded.
-The music was very repetitive, and is annoying to begin with

Some other notes:
-It would also be nice if there was some way to know what fish can be caught with what bait, but I guess this trial and error could be considered part of the gameplay.
-It would also be nice if there was descriptions for the achievements, before you unlock them. Again, could be considered part of the gameplay.
-Like "monkeyman2006", I also got stuck on the achievement page, as the back button was not functioning.

Overall, a pretty solid framework, with a slight twist, on a very common game genre.

It was great but...

The game was great, the concept is good, graphics is ok but there is just one thing: the hook wont get down. Seriously. I just threw a hook, then it keeps on hitting and hitting birds. I left it and took a nap, and when I woke up, its still airborne. Do something.

like the idea

but the gameplay is quite unbalanced. i got one good throw in near the start of the game and it just keeps on going. even now as i write this review its still going, im gonna be able to buy all the upgrades at once..