Reviews for "xStream Fishing"

I like it

I like the game but it takes forever for the hook to reach the water. I have only bought the second, one power up for the guy and at the moment the distance meter is reading 45000m, before this turn has even started I have already got $31000 from hitting birds.

Please make it a bit more difficult and it will be a lot more enjoyable to play. Thanks.

PS: I am writing this while I am waiting for the hook, at the moment it is at 57000m.

Easy and slow.

A nice, slow-paced game which requires little thought. Perfect for tired people lateat night :P. Anyhow, my only complaint is that it's a little TOO easy.

The hitbox for your hook is HUGE. It's practically impossible to miss a fish. Also, there are so many birds and moneybags in the sky that you can go on for pretty much ever. On my fourth try (with one bait upgrade), I went over 12,000 feet without trying. I then caught 262 fish (including Free Willy!) and upgraded everything to maximum with $1300 to spare.

There isn't much wrong with keeping it the way it is, but I would recommend making the hook's hitbox smaller, and making it move a bit faster. Also, if you want to spice things up, you could make it so that the hook goes into space after going high enough. But that is totally optional (although it would be super cool).

Nice game.

I really enjoyed it. I kinda hated it a first but then I began to get into it. The game has a very nice charm to it that kept me playing.

However I encountered a bit of a glitch, either I'm the luckiest man in the world or my hook never came back down. I just kept slamming into birds. Apart from that unpleasantness I thoroughly like it but it seems a bit unpolished.

I waited till I reach 100,000 meters and collected 50,000 dollars from the bird and every time I though I was finally slowing down a flow of 3 - 5 birds slams into, decrease the number of birds that spawn and you got a good game.

Fun with a nice art style

I like the look of this game, but you might want to look into a little bug i found.

On my third cast i tried for a power shot, with my aim straight up, i used the rocket pretty early, since then my bait has been soaring through the clouds collecting tons of money off of birds in the sky, as of writing this my bait has currently collected 30500 in money and travelled over 45829 meters, and shows no sign of slowing, i havent hit the water yet and dont think i could face even trying to drag that back to the start!

Still, really nice game, just a little too easy to make cash.

Now at 34200 cash and 50798 meters... :P

Dude needs fix

On the achiev,ents menu :(